Sonoma County is a main character in a new romantic comedy with Peter Fonda

Hus Miller on his movie making journey. (Photo Courtesy of Hus Miller) Immediately after graduating from Santa Rosa High School, local Hus Miller left Sonoma County behind and vowed to never return. He started traveling, first in the US and then abroad throughout the world. After his travels [...]

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Santa Rosa woman’s wigs in high demand worldwide

Rachel is available for appointment only consults right here in Sonoma County. When Rachel Gardea posted her custom-made rainbow unicorn wig on Instagram a year and a half ago, she never imagined the overwhelming response she’d receive from people all over the world asking her to create a [...]

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90 year old Windsor Woman Plays from the Heart

Leah turns 90 this month. And you'd never know it. She's sharp, has a great sense of humor and is quick to make others smile. Fiercely independent, Leah drives, sends email, and enjoys volunteering three times a week. From a young age she defied the culture she grew up in decades ago and continues to follow her [...]

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Santa Rosa Stylist Puts Down Scissors, Lifts Iron | Stylist, Mom and now Bodybuilder

“I was never very outgoing growing up so to be up on a stage in front of hundreds of people in a tiny bikini was terrifying the first time.” - Janel If you run into Janel in the grocery store, she’ll likely have her two adorable kids in tow. You’ll [...]

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Meet Zack | Santa Rosa Artist Behind Free Art Friday Santa Rosa

“When I hit artist blocks or the motivation for the day just isn't there, going outside and enjoying the natural art of Sonoma County is key to re-stoking my inspiration.” - Zack Rhodes In 2014, Zack embarked on a road trip to Austin, Texas. There, he discovered  Free Art Friday, [...]

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From Slaughterhouse To Artist Abode – Fulton Crossing Showcases Local Artists

Fulton Crossing demands exploration, and often visitors spend over an hour walking through the gallery spaces and exploring the artist’s individual studios.

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Reinvention at ReStyle Marketplace: Former career banker now just wants to have fun

“I’ve had a career. I wanted to do something fun.” – Paula Life has come full circle for Paula. Her family moved to Santa Rosa in 1955 and in the 1960s she remembers accompanying her mom on shopping trips to G & G Market. Today she works in the same [...]

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Ink In Their Blood: Santa Rosa Tattoo Family

“Tattooing is a form of personal self-expression and today, there’s something for everybody.” – Mo Creativity runs in the Bernal family. Born in Central Phoenix, Mo has always worked in a family business and now employs his own son Robert. Mo’s Dad was a chef, Mom a cake decorator and his [...]

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Beyond the Board Room: Former VP of Marketing Now Petaluma-based Inspirational Coach, App Developer & Author

"Happiness is overrated." - Elaina Elaina is unstoppable. And at 33 years old, she’s just getting started. Elaina is transforming her life and creating her own definition of happiness. She calls it the “inspired life” and believes “that inspiration is the most powerful tool to experience true happiness”. After six [...]

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Alex in Santa Rosa: From homeless shelter to comic book store manager

“That’s what I like about nerdism and comics; it attracts people from all walks of life. There’s a character for everyone.” - Alex Despite being 24 years old, Alex has been through a lot. She was thrust into a custody battle between her parents from birth. She lived with her [...]

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