“When I hit artist blocks or the motivation for the day just isn’t there, going outside and enjoying the natural art of Sonoma County is key to re-stoking my inspiration.” – Zack Rhodes

In 2014, Zack embarked on a road trip to Austin, Texas. There, he discovered  Free Art Friday, an Austin-based project in which hidden art is discovered via scavenger hunts.

An artist himself, he was intrigued by the concept.

Zack brought his own art to hide in Texas and had such a positive experience he wanted to bring the concept home to Sonoma County and create his own giveaway project. Respectful of the Texas organizers, he asked for “their blessing.” Not only did they encourage him,  they provided tips to starting up his own Free Art Fridays.

Hidden art in Petaluma Recent artwork hidden on a Friday in Petaluma

Zack said he spent countless hours promoting the new project on social media and was amazed the concept became popular so quickly, with many local artists eager to join in on the fun.

This enthusiasm—and the sheer number of followers—led him to create the Free Art Friday Santa Rosa (FreeArtFridaySR) Instagram page as the main hub for the project. Artists and art seekers alike enjoy the thrill of this hide and seek adventure and post photos and clues on Instagram by “tagging” @FreeArtFridaySR and using the hashtag #FreeArtFridaySR.

With the help of local glass blower Christopher Hansen, Zack has been running the project and hiding art almost every Friday for over a year now.

Recent commission A seahorse commission for a client

By day, Zack works for the Dharma Trading Company, an art supply and textile warehouse in Petaluma. He loves the creative, laid-back atmosphere and often comes up with ideas for his own art pieces.

Depending on his mood, he’ll paint whatever comes to mind and enjoys surprising people with a broad range of subject matter. When he’s not working or promoting Free Art Friday, he’s busy gearing up for a September show at the Redwood Café in Cotati, where he’ll unveil a new style he’s been keeping under wraps. Until then, he’ll be hiding art in unexpected places.

City in TexasOn a recent trip in Texas, Zack created this pink “City” piece

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